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Freyja's Tears

Happy Friday! This particular day of the week was the one dedicated to the Norse goddess, Freyja. The etymology of the word 'Friday' comes from a word meaning 'Freyja's Day' or 'Frigga's Day.'


So it's the perfect time for talking about the goddess of love, specifically a myth about our Lady that inspired these golden bath bombs I made. Find more bath bombs on the store!


Gold Bath Bombs Freya's Tears


It is said that Freyja once came across some dwarves working on a necklace, maybe gold, maybe amber, maybe both, accounts are different. But it was the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen and Freyja desperately had to have it. She asked the dwarves  what they would sell the necklace for, but they said she could not buy it. She offered them vast sums but they still refused. The dwarves said she could have the necklace if she would marry each of them in turn for one night and Frejya, overcome by her desire for the necklace, accepted.


After spending a day and night with each of the dwarves, Freyja returns home with the necklace but her new source of beauty is also a source of shame she hides. Loki finds out about her infidelity and, partly because of a prior dispute with Frejya, reports it to her husband Odr. Odr does not believe the god of lies and demands proof so Loki steals the necklace and shows it to him. Upset, Odr leaves.


Freyja, finding both necklace and her husband missing, cries to Odin about what has happened and beseeching his help. Odin agrees but demands that Freyja must wear the necklace and go search for her husband herself. And she does, wandering the land looking for her love all the while crying. The tears she shed became amber or gold.

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