Or Blessed Samhain Witches~!

Thank you so much to everyone who bought a bar of Graveyard Dirt and made the restock go as well as it did! I hope it has served you as the veil has thinned because once the veil closes back up, that's it for the year as I move on and we enter into the Holiday Fear season😨.

What are you doing to stay in the spirit while you (hopefully) stay indoors? Anything spooky or witchy?


With the full moon entering Taurus, the sign for money/wealth, it's the perfect time for money or prosperity spells. I had recently been looking to do one actually and last night I happened to come across a green pillar candle I'd made with that intent last year. I had been unable to unmold it previously but it just popped right out this time so things oddly aligned for me. I guess the time was just finally right. So I performed a little candle magic.

Reconfirming my intentions and envisioning the goals I have mind, first I dressed the candle with honey to attract the things I want and have stick to me.

Next, I covered it with a few dried herbs I had on hand and had seen suggested from others for this type of work Rosemary and Thyme. I also used Lemon Verbena in substitution for Lemon Balm which is used to attract success.

I know Alfalfa to be associated with prosperity so I sprinkled it in powdered form on the candle and around the vessel I was to burn it as some Peppermint oil which also corresponds with money.

Finishing up, I cleansed by washed my hands with the bit of the Money Spell soap I kept for myself. (Still smells and lathers great!)

It felt a little impromptu and cobbled together, but also the most work I've put into the craft lately for myself and unrelated to my business. I haven't found the energy for a while but it came in a wave with inspiration last night so it feels right!

The candle will be burning on my altar all day as long as it'll go while I go hang out with my little familiar as we try to reclaim a bit of Halloween joy!

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