⚠️ Ch-ch-Changes!

I got a new mold recently. Why is that big news? Well, something I decided for this year was to make even smaller batches of soap! 

My soap batches were already small at about 11-12 bars per soap design, some might call it micro batch even. And with this new mold every design will now be half that, at just 6 bars. Wow! Why on earth would I do that? 

Fears of having leftover stock aside, this will actually let me make more soap! I've already planned out all the seasonal releases for this year and even being realistic in what I can actually accomplish, I still have at least 20 designs with restocks and new standard designs going somewhere in between there. Hoo boy! I've always got so many ideas, it's hard to rein it all in sometimes.

Still, I'm really excited for all the releases this year! I'm going to be trying out more in the realm of soap design, like soap piping with flowers and using some different swirl techniques. It would be a lot more work and take more time to do some of the things I have planned with larger batches and I couldn't guarantee uniformity. That is the caveat of handmade items, but I struggle with perfectionism. Haha.

pink roses soap piping practice


Other things will change around as well, like the labels and packaging, as I work to establish and scale the brand and communicate its image. As always I appreciate feedback or reviews, good or bad. It helps me decide things like restocks or how I can improve things for a better customer experience. Otherwise I just have to assume I'm doing a perfect job and will just continue doing whatever I want. 😉❤

Thanks so much everyone, here's to 2021!

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