About Us

What’s the last magical thing you’ve done?

Mercury retrograde got you in a rut? Do you always forget the full moon until the last minute? Do you find the laundry list of ingredients required for rituals daunting? You’re a busy witch, I get it. Who has the energy to bury or burn spell items? Where are you supposed to find a running body of water in your area to dispose of your curses (and why would you, all of this is terrible for the environment)? You like to live on the wild side sure, but, it’s a little awkward to explain what you’re doing in the middle of a graveyard or crossroads with a jar and shovel, if you can even find one.

It’s hard to feel in your power when you aren’t practicing magic. But you don’t need all the literal bells and whistles. Magic is something you are. The most important thing is your intentions. Let’s uncomplicate magic. Let’s simplify spellwork. Let’s make the arcane accessible. 

Find the mystical in your mundane. You’re magic. Just add water.



THE STORY (aka About Me)

Established in 2018, Bathroom Cult is the dark machinations of a soul navigating their way through the void.

my cat merlin, it's all for him

Descending into madness after a summer of insomnia only soothed by audio readings of Lovecraft, the founder rekindled their love for witchcraft that had been buried in youth. Always dispirited by the many elaborate steps involved in ritual magic, she sought a simpler way to incorporate the craft more often into her life.

Soap became the medium through which this ideal manifested. For them, the bathroom is sacred, the one place of solitude (especially in apartment living in NYC), and the seat of inspiration. After much practice and experimentation (and a bit of transformation), Bathroom Cult became what it is now.

[image, right: my little familiar merlin, doing it for him]

Bathroom Cult is a solo effort, Black, Woman, & LGBTQ+ owned and operated. Everything is made by hand, with care in Brooklyn, New York.