About Us

The bathroom is a sacred space.

Think about it. Like the cults or mysteries of antiquity the bathroom is private, secretive, enclosed. What goes on is between you and whatever higher power you believe in, if any at all. The privacy of one’s own home isn’t always guaranteed but the bathroom is the last sanctuary, a fortress of solitude. Be it in the shower or tub, or even on the toilet it’s a place to think, to really be alone with yourself. Daily affirmations in the mirror, dressing up to run the night or dressing down for quality me time are rituals in and of themselves and the bathroom can be host to them all.

Reclaim it.

Now I know I just finished saying the bathroom was the last bastion for basic privacy but we all know the opportunity to indulge in that is fleeting. Even private bathrooms become public when you have to share with several roommates, your significant other, a couple of kids, or a few furry friends. It’s hard to carve out time for just you in a busy schedule and there’s no rest for the wicked. But there can be.

Become initiated. Light a candle, grab a bar of soap, toss in a bath bomb and join my bathroom based cult. Pour out a libation of wine or something for yourself and get closer to secrets of divinity hidden within you.