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The apple smell really comes through and the soap has a bright, refreshing scent. Really great lather, but the soap bar is firm and doesn’t dent like other home made soaps I’ve bought. Absolutely repurchasing with my next order.

Great Lather

Lots of lather but the bar isn’t super soft, so it holds up and doesn’t disappear so quickly. Really nice and doesn’t suck the moisture from my skin! The scent is subtle but deep... very tempted to repurchase even though I’ve only used this bar for a couple of days!

Favorite Soap Shop

I got recommended BC a while back when my friend ordered me the last bar of Swamp Witch. Still my favorite scent and can’t wait to see if there will be a restock, but I love trying out new scents and love the dedication to the earthy/ non-floral smells I love so much. I’m a loyalist now. :)

I love this candle!!

This candle smells amazing!!! I just wish it was bigger because I love it so much!!

Soap to D*e For And Take To The Grave~

This is one of the best smelling soaps and it washes so well that it doesn't dry out my hands as much as other soaps I have tried. Will defintely buy again if available once I run out of the one I just recieved!!! 10/10

Forget the real graveyard, I want to be entombed in this soap.

Possibly the best smelling soap I have ever smelled in my life. The sublime mix of earth and white floral is to die for. Not to mention how dreadfully cute it looks having a little tombstone standing up on my soap dish.


Smelled delicious and was definitely worth it!! I loved the sample soap that came with it as well!! Will definitely be buying again

Summer In A Jar!

But not the sunscreen kind of summer. This is the salt spray kind of summer--a little more natural, a little more floral, and very fresh and lively. I'm actually not usually much for floral scents, but the citron in this one gives it an energizing note that I really like! When it's burning I don't feel as bad about having to miss out on the beach this year.

Like Making S'mores While You're Out Camping

Marshmallow isn't explicitly among the listed scents for this candle, but it's definitely one of the associations conjured up once it's lit. I can't overstate how much I want to put this thing in my mouth (not intended use, do Not do this). It's warm and comforting in a way that's hard to articulate but that makes me smile. Highly recommended, just take note of the size before ordering--these are relatively small candles, perfect for putting in little display lanterns or the like.

Delightfully Dreadful!

I was so enamored with this soap on my first buy that the minute it restocked I ordered two more, even though I have a backlog of other soaps I'm still working through. It smells exactly like the description says--extremely earthy, and just a little bit floral. Would absolutely recommend!

Briar Rose

Beautiful scent. Very moisturizing.