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Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

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Love is like a box of chocolates; exciting at first, the mystery of the yet unopened box
Even after the lid is lifted, the obscurity faded, and all its contents laid bare
that first bite is an absolute delight – but how does the last compare?
Eyes before stomach, heart before head,
Alas! what can be done of man's hubris?
no hope to be found a pandorian vase
of love's gesture ephemeral and foolish
curse ye cruel fates for this hand that you've dealt, disguised as a boon in my favor
twas a trojan horse gifted an impossible chore, complete only by herculean labor
One last morsel remains, Oozing that dark cherry liquid, the beloved taste I've now come to abhor
ere to this final trial i had valiantly persisted
but now love lies bleeding on the floor

Scent notes: dark chocolate, black cherry, cherry liqueur

Size: 8 oz soy wax candle
Burn Time: 50+ Hours

How to Use

Burn in sight. Do not leave unattended. Keep away from children, pets, drafts, or flammable objects. Container is hot; do not move while lit or until wax hardens. Burn on a heat resistant surface. Trim wick to ¼” each time before burning. Keep wax pool free of debris. Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time. Indoor use only.


Soy Wax; Zinc-Free, Lead-Free Cotton Wick

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